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Selling a business can be a complex process, requiring ample preparation and planning, innovative marketing, and someone with the necessary expertise to manage any obstacles that may arise. Boyd Ryan Business Sales & Consultants satisfy all these requirements.

Together, Steven Boyd and Cameron Ryan offer over 9 years of business sales and consultancy experience. Vendors benefit from our professional and innovative marketing, outstanding negotiation skills and unrivalled professionalism towards achieving the best outcome possible for your business.

Boyd Ryan has completely systemised the business selling process by developing procedures and strategies to ensure the sale of each business is successfully completed with minimal troubles in a realistic time frame.

Boyd Ryan prides themselves on fresh, dynamic marketing and strive to stay ahead of the competition with creative and innovative strategies. Boyd Ryan are committed to the continuing development of their systems and marketing strategies to ensure the sale process is successful, smooth and quick for all clients. Boyd Ryan are, however, always learning, developing, adapting and striving for even greater excellence.

Boyd Ryan aims to be the best. They always provide clients with the highest quality service, employing a great amount of attention to detail and research into each and every listing and sale. Should you engage Boyd Ryan to act on your behalf, you can expect professional preparation and creative marketing, unquestionable ethics, and regular updates and communication.

Boyd Ryan’s promise to you is that they will achieve the best outcome possible for your business.

Where To Begin?

Call Boyd Ryan for an obligation free chat about your business. This will give all parties a chance to ensure that the high level details of your business are understood and that all parties are all on the same page with regards to expected sale price and expectations. During this discussion Boyd Ryan will also highlight the fees and charges for their service.

Assuming the above is agreeable, we then move to the next step. This is when you to sign an Exclusive Agency Authority. It is illegal for Boyd Ryan to act without this signed document so it is important that this be approved and signed before the process of marketing your business for sale begins.

The third step is preparation. A large part of Boyd Ryan’s job is preparing your business for sale. The preparation process involves many facets, including but not limited to gathering all of the relevant information, such as financials, the lease on the premises, any license or franchise agreements, staff details, equipment lists etc. Once Boyd Ryan have all the required information they produce a highly detailed information memorandum on the business. This is the main tool a business buyer will use (and potentially share with his advisor(s)) to perform an initial due diligence on your business.

Also during this preparation stage we get an intimate understanding of your business including the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is best not to hide any negatives as potential buyers will ultimately find out anyway. It is best to be honest from the outset.

Once the preparation is complete Boyd Ryan begin searching for a potential buyer. Their marketing methods, be it online, through social media, or through other avenues, produce outstanding results. Boyd Ryan will discuss with you and implement an in-depth strategy for targeting potential buyers.

All potential buyers that Boyd Ryan speak with are fully qualified prior to handing over any details about your business. Boyd Ryan establish their background, business experience, financial capabilities and goals to ultimately assess whether your business is suitable for them. If so, Boyd Ryan will provide the detailed information memorandum on your business to them as a starting point and then potentially arrange an on-site inspection and meeting with you (if suitable).

When it finally comes to the negotiation of price as well as the proposed contract terms and conditions, you can trust Boyd Ryan’s expertise. Boyd Ryan always achieve the best possible price together with the best possible terms for you. A formal written offer is not discussed with a buyer until Boyd Ryan feel they are ready to make a more secure commitment. It is imperative that a potential buyer has a solid understanding of your business before entering into a Heads of Agreement.

As stated earlier, a buyer will call upon their advisor(s) to assist with a due diligence process prior to settlement. This stage of the sale demands a high level of expertise and communication. Frequently, Boyd Ryan will have to deal with a number of stakeholders (solicitors, accountants, financiers, franchisors, and landlords) and managing all these parties is the key to reaching settlement successfully.

If you are seriously considering selling your business, minimise your risk. Put the skills, knowledge and experience of Boyd Ryan to work for you to achieve the best outcome possible for your business.

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