business sales data

Boyd Ryan has access to a database that contains actual transactional sale information on a large variety of businesses, including service stations, restaurants, convenience stores, print shops, travel agents, florists, coin laundries, beauty salons, auto repair shops, video rentals, day care centres and many more.

This database removes the marketplace uncertainty and provides detailed, meaningful financial information about these real transactions. This database allows Boyd Ryan to perform searches by specifying any of the following variables:

  • Industry Sector (Retail, Construction, Manufacturing etc)
  • Industry Type (Marine, Food retails, Accommodation etc)
  • Business type ( Newsagents, Take away, Boat Manufacturer etc)
  • A range of annual turnover, gross profit, EBITDA etc
  • A range of sale dates and sale prices
  • The location of transactions


Further, Boyd Ryan can access annual gross revenue, asset figures, operating ratios, and the price and terms of various business sales. Additionally, Sale Price/Gross Revenue and Sale Price/Net Profit multiples are accessible for each transaction reported.


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